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OAGCT Bylaw Changes
In an effort to keep our by-laws current, the OAGCT Board is proposing some additions and amendments. Below you will find the text with changes marked. (Underlined text is a proposed addition. Text that has a strike through like this is a deletion.)
According to the by-laws, the amendment must be provided 30 days in advance of voting. Therefore, the voting will take place in September. You will receive an email with a link to vote on-line on the proposed changes. Amendments will be made if there is a simple majority of the votes cast. For clarification or details, please see Article XIV of the by-laws.
Look for that email with the link to vote and be sure to vote!
Section 3: The President-Elect shall be an Oklahoma certified educator and shall assist the President with all duties. In case the office of the President is vacated for any reason, the President-Elect shall complete the President’s term of office. Should the President be absent, the President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President. The President-Elect’s duties shall be to: attend all official meet-ings of the Association, keep a record of board member’s attendance at board meetings, serve as chairperson of the Nominating Committee; supervise all aspects of the election, including ballot generation and tallying; keep a record of and have available the minutes of all official meetings of the Association; assist the Conference Chairperson with planning and coordination of the state con-ference, and maintain a record of the operations of the office. The President-Elect’s term of office shall be one year. The President-Elect shall then become President.
Section 9: The Treasurer and/or Treasurer-Elect shall attend all official meetings of the Association. The Treasurer shall maintain and render to the Board of Directors and to the membership a formal financial accounting of the Association. Duties of the Treasure in-clude: maintain a record of receipts of income and expenditures; bring or email a treasurer’s report to the members of the Board of Directors at least one week prior to the board meeting; file an annual tax return; arrange for a periodic audit; submit an annual oper-ating budget; work in cooperation with the Conference Chair to develop a conference budget; with the assistance of the Treasurer-Elect shall collect and record all conference registrations; forward to conference chair; and maintain a record of the operations of the office. The term of office shall be two years.
Section 10: The Treasurer-Elect shall work with the Treasurer in order to facilitate transition of duties. Duties of the Treasurer-Elect include invoicing, working in cooperation with the Treasurer and Conference Chairs to collect, record, and invoice in regards to all conference registrations. The term of office shall be two years.
Section 8: The Awards Committee shall develop and arrange for distribution of the nomination and application forms for the Nicholas Green Outstanding Student Award, the Cheryl Kennedy Scholarship, the Outstanding Service Award, the Beverly Riggs Scholarship, and/or other awards approved by the Executive Committee. The Chairperson will convene a committee, which includes the treasur-er, to review annually the nominations and applications and make recommendations to the Executive Board for consideration. The Awards Committee will arrange for the appropriate physical award or scholarship to be ordered and prepared for distribution at the annual conference or other meeting as deemed appropriate and will supply treasurer with said information. Treasurer contact infor-mation shall be placed on all correspondence sent to awardees.
Section 10: It is the responsibility of each board member to notify the OAGCT secretary of his/her absence at a meeting. An OAGCT board member may appoint a designee to attend and present reports in his/her place. If a designee is sent, the board member will not be considered absent. An OAGCT board member may have no more than three absences from OAGCT Board Meetings per calendar year. Upon the third absence, the board member is automatically removed from the board. The removed board member may reapply for membership to the OAGCT Board twelve (12) months after his/her date of removal for the next open term.

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